Here we’d like to share with you some examples of our work.

Latest Projects

Julia & Jono

A song written for Julia & Jonothan from their family on their wedding day. It touches on all those unique little things that we appreciate about someone special in our lives.

Letter to Gran

A gift song made in collaboration with the Power family for their grandmother on her birthday.


A song made for the client, by the client to document their life’s journey so far.

Keeper of my Heart

A very special Christmas present from a husband to his wife in appreciation of their many years together.

Original Songs

Original songs by Mary Webb:


Taken from Mary’s 2012 Album ‘Forest Floor’.

Hold Up The Sky

Taken from the 2013 collaborative EP ‘Finding Harold Bloom’.


A cover of ‘Sun’ by Cal Williams Jr. for the album ‘Preloved Folk’.


Cover Art Designer: Hannah Sutton

A selection of artwork covers by Hannah Sutton Design, who is a Melbourne graphic designer & Illustrator. She specialises in Photoshop & Illustrator design programs, and focuses on Watercolour, charcoal and digital mediums for her illustration work.


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Cover Art Designer: SilverWebb Studios

The other artist working on your personalised cover artwork is Wendy Webb. Wendy brings a delicate, almost hyper-realist approach to her fine pencil drawings. Wendy has been delighting people with portraits of their loved ones for many years, produced commissioned artwork, album covers and has displayed work at the Adelaide Fringe.

Silverwebb Studios Work Examples

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