First and foremost, the process of writing a gift song is meant to be a special and joyful experience.

To be fair on everyone, we’ve outlined these important things below we should communicate with you to ensure we’re all on the same page.

Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit is required before a first draft of your song is provided. The remaining 50% must be paid before the final gift song is posted to you. Please keep this in mind particularly if you have a deadline for delivery. A timeline for your project will be discussed and agreed upon before going ahead with the composition. Please allow a week from receipt of final payment to the arrival of your gift song.

The composer of your gift song will retain copyright of the song but agrees to refrain from using the song for other purposes until after the agreed date (generally the date you plan to have given the gift). You may use the song for your own purposes, except when copyright is required, in which case permission must be sought from the composer. If the song is shared (for example, uploaded to YouTube) credit must be given to the composer, Silverwebb Songs, the artist (if applicable) and Hannah Sutton Design. The same applies to portraits. Full copyright of all album artwork and portrait artwork is also retained by their respective makers, as well as Silverwebb Songs, the collaborator. The same applies here with artwork as with the commissioned song- personal use is allowed and sharing is encouraged, but commercial use is prohibited without permission from the respective owners.

Additional artwork charges: If you require artwork for your CD cover that is outside our given artwork options (provided examples on our Process & Pricing page) this will incur an additional fee and can be discussed at the time of briefing.

Drafts of the song and artwork may not be used in any way other than to provide feedback on how you wish to proceed. The composer will provide up to three drafts or major changes if necessary. One change/ draft is included after a layout of your album cover art is supplied (If additional changes are needed, we may need to charge for more time). Please note that no drafts will be provided for personalised artwork as this cannot be changed once work has begun on the drawing.