Silverwebb Songs is run by Adelaide based singer-songwriter Mary Webb. She is the writer and performer of your gift song.

Mary is a Folk singer and guitarist with Jazz, Classical and Blues influences. Originally from Adelaide, Mary moved to Melbourne in 2012 to pursue music full time and now performs regularly in Melbourne, Adelaide, and around the country. Her debut solo album ‘Forest Floor’ was released in November 2012 and in 2013 she released a self-titled EP with the group ‘Finding Harold Bloom’, who then toured the East Coast with a grant from Arts SA. Mary also took part in the ‘Preloved Folk’ project, which saw a number of well-respected local Adelaide artists playing covers of each other’s songs. In 2015 Mary released the EP ‘Sketches’ as an acoustic taster of the next full-length album, which is expected to be released in 2017 on CD and Vinyl. For more information on Mary Webb and her solo work, you can visit her website and join her mailing list via the sign up form on the home page.

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CD Cover Designer – Hannah Sutton

The design for all Silverwebb songs is done by designer, artist and illustrator Hannah Sutton. She runs her own studio in Melbourne and is a proud collaborator with Silverwebb Songs. Hannah is one of two artists working on personalised CD covers for your gift songs. The skills she brings to the table at Silverwebb Songs include Photoshopping & general layout design brilliance (with a focus on Photograph manipulation & vector drawing) with a generous helping of fun illustrations in various mediums. You can visit Hannah’s website here.

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CD Cover Artist – Wendy Webb

The other artist working on your personalised cover artwork is Wendy Webb. Wendy brings a delicate, almost hyper-realist approach to her fine pencil drawings. Wendy has been delighting people with portraits of their loved ones for many years, produced commissioned artwork, album covers and has displayed work at the Adelaide Fringe. To see more of Wendy’s work, visit her Facebook Page.

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You can find examples of Mary, Hannah and Wendy’s individual work on the ‘Look & Listen’ page, along with examples of previous gift songs.